Recognizing Leaf Problems

It is of course possible that leaf problems can be found on your cannabis plant, but how do you recognize these and what can be done about it? There is a wide range of potential problems if leaf problems are found. We’ll start with the easiest solutions first.

  • Check whether the plants get enough fresh air, so check whether the ventilation is good.
  • Check that the temperature and humidity are correct.
  • Check the lighting, see if you are using the right amount and in the right way.
  • You also check the nutrition, do you have the right ratio or have you made a small mistake.

If all this is in order, consult the Wheel of Eighteen. This disc has divided the important ingredients for a healthy cannabis plant into 4 parts. Building materials, primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and trace elements. Even if this is the problem, it is relatively easy to solve. This food is often for sale as a whole and you can give it as a whole. After that it is good to keep an eye on whether the plant is recovering.

If you’re having problems with the foliage that doesn’t look like it’s food, it could be due to mold or pests, for example.
If it is due to pests, it is important to notice this at an early stage and deal with it immediately. If you see the same kind of spots but no sign of life or eggs on your leaf, then you probably have a fungal infection. If this is the case, take a sheet to a specialist and they will tell you exactly what to do.

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