Difference between hash and weed

The collective name of weed is hash is cannabis. Weed and hash both come from the cannabis plant. To create resin, the resin of the flower buds is used. Weed comes from the green/brown buds of the plant. The main active substance in hash and weed is also called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), this substance is incorporated in the resin of the plant.

The substance THC influences the following factors:

  • Appetite
  • The emotional experience
  • Processing information
  • The Sleep Process

In most cases, weed is cheaper and less strong than hash. Weed contains a lot of leaves from the cannabis plant. Hash is mainly resin processed from the flower tops, this part contains a higher concentration of THC. Hash contains a lot less leaves, which means it has a higher concentration of the active ingredient THC.

When the upper leaves and flower tips are dried and crumbled, weed is created. This can be recognized by the gray-green to green-brown color and the strong odor that emanates from it.

Hash is therefore made from the resin that can be found on the plant. The resin is created by cooling the flower tops first. It is then important to shake the flower tops by means of a sieve. The resin is then kneaded together to form a block of hash.

Pople often claim that hash makes you high and that weed gives you more of a stoned feeling. It mainly depends on the amount of THC and CBD which effect cannabis has.

The exact effects of weed and hash also differ greatly from person to person. It also depends on one’s expectations, state of mind at the time of use and own experience play an important role.

Thanks to the iGrowCan, growing cannabis is easier than ever!

iGrowCan makes growing weed incredibly easy. The tin contains everything you need to grow a seed into a fully grown cannabis plant in ten weeks. The packaging acts as a cultivation pot, the plant can grow in it throughout its entire cycle. The packaging is also not only very functional but also super fun to give as a gift.

Contents of the package:

Each tin of the iGrowCan contains the following:

The enclosed germination plug comes from the Dutch center of cultivation technology. The pH value has been determined in advance, in order to start as best as possible. This germination plug is self-regulating and ensures the correct ratio of air to water. Due to the lack of boundaries, the roots are pruned by air. This ensures that a healthy and vibrant root network is created.

The coconut compost mix comes in a compact form, which expands when you add water. The biological nutrients are responsible for the supply of the necessary macro and micronutrients, with which you grow a healthy plant.

Choose your seeds yourself

When purchasing the iGrowCan, you can make your own choice from the list of autoflowering seeds. In the can they can grow to a maximum height of 30-60cm. Choose from the following productive strains:

How do you use the iGrowCan?

Follow the steps below for the easiest grow of your life:

  1. Unpack the iGrowCan and remove the lid.
  2. Put the contents in a container.
  3. Spray the coconut plug with water until it expands.
  4. Add water to the soil mix and fill the can with it.
  5. Plant a seed in the plug and place it in the soil-filled tin.
  6. Place the can in a warm and sunny spot, with a consistent temperature of 18–28°C.
  7. Follow the instructions and watch your plant develop.
  8. Harvest after about ten weeks.