Can you overdose on weed?

”Never use drugs, drugs are bad for you” You probably had to hear this tune from your parents from the age of 11, maybe even now, even if you’ve been living on your own for 5 years.

First we will put the concept of overdose into perspective. Yes, you can overdose on weed, but so can coffee, water, and anything else a person can ingest.

So can you die from a weed overdose? If you manage to do that, you’ll be the first person to do it. You have to get rid of an estimated 680kg of weed in 15 minutes. If you actually try this, your lungs are more likely to fail, and if you try it with edibles, the cause of death will probably be something other than the weed itself, sugar for example. At all, try to eat or drink only 680kg of anything in 15 minutes, and you will soon be over.

So no one has ever died and neither will you. This does not mean it is harmless for you. If you are familiar with using weed, you know that it makes you tired and your reaction time decreases. So don’t get behind the wheel if this bothers you. First go for a walk if you are well high, you won’t get very far but you still experience enough for your feeling. With these symptoms getting stronger, you know you’ve had enough. Because quite honestly, you are already half asleep on the couch, waiting for your pizza and then you still have 679 kg to go if you have done your best. In addition, you lose your pizza and you can’t finish your lighter – or vice versa.

What can be the case is that you get sick and get strange physical or mental complaints that you have never experienced before. You’re suddenly scared of your own dog who is normally your best friend, or your phone is doing weird things. The best way to prevent this is to try to go to sleep, you are already tired. If you can’t do this, try eating something and drinking some water. Hopefully this makes it a little more bearable. If you can’t do this either because you found a bench with a nice view and only brought weed, try reaching out to someone who can pick you up or accompany you. If even this is not the case, try to sit it out and maybe pick up some nice music, luckily the effects don’t last a week but only a few hours.

So the conclusion of the story, an overdose is possible. Is that the end? No, the chances of dying from an overdose of cherry pits are even greater.

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