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This product is sold under the condition that it will not be used for illegal purposes and is for personal use only. You are advised that the cultivation of cannabis seeds may be punishable under your national law. Please consult your local laws and regulations to check if you may import this product. We will hold no liability for the misuse of this product.

How to start:

Use the lid (nr. 1) as baseplate.
Use the spacer (nr. 2) as water catcher on top of the lid with the holes at the top.
Put the iGrowcan (nr. 3) on top of the water catcher (nr. 2).

Coco Disk:

Put the coco disk in a jar with tepid water (800ml)
Wait 15 minutes to let the coco disk swell
Use the coco disk as potting compost in the can
Mix the BioGrow (10gr) in the coco disk soil

Germination and cultivation:

Spray the grow plug until it is moist.
Put 1 seed 1cm deep in the grow plug. (touch the seed as little as possible with your hands and do not exert too much pressure on the seed).
Make a hole in the coco compost and put the grow plug in it, the top of the grow plug must be free of coco compost.
Place the can on a warm (18-28 C) and light location indoor or outdoor (the more light the better!).
During the grow and bloom phase (+/- week 5). It is recommended to give the plant the BioBloom (10gr). Spread it on top of the coco soil and water the plant.

(N-P-K: 7-2-4)

BioGrow is an ‘all-in-ONE’ blend of carefully selected natural materials, formulated specifically for the vegetative growth stage of fast-growing plants.

(N-P-K: 4-9-9)

BioBloom is an ‘all-in-ONE’ blend of carefully selected natural materials, formulated specifically for the flowering and fruit production

Useful tips watering the plant:
The amount of water your plant needs, will always vary due to size, temperature, health, and stage of growth. An under-watered plant looks droopy and weak. There is no strength in the leaves and they feel lifeless. Overwatered plants look similar, but the leaf tips will curl as if they are hiding from the water in their pot. Obviously, you do not want your plant to ever be seen in either condition, but as you figure out your cannabis watering schedule, it is preferred to underwater than to overwater your plant.

When you think your cannabis garden might be thirsty, take time to observe:

– Do the leaves look vibrant?
– Are they rigid and strong?
– How does the soil feel?

If the soil is dry when you stick your finger into the soil and the plant seems weak, it is time to water. The weight of the pot can also be an indicator of hydration. Pay attention to timing and work towards watering your plant right. A healthy cycle of wet to dry is necessary for the roots to grow

Water your plant in small steps,
Empty the water catcher regularly!

Enjoy this little wonder!

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